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Stop teaching racism to kids

If the adults never taught the kids what racism was, it would be gone in one generation. Kids are born with a blank mind and we program them to believe things. Children of all colors get together and play sports and never think of racist things until adults put it in their head.
"That coach didn't play you because you're black"
"That teacher failed you because you are black"

There is trash to be found in all races, but when segregation ended, blacks and minorities were suppose to be brought up to the same level and playing ground as whites. The opposite has happened. Many of the minorities did not progress and many of the whites went down. It should not be viewed as a white/black logic, but as a fact that our nation as a whole is suffering. We have people who are having illegitimate children just to get a check. These children suffer and most time wind up uneducated and a thug because they do not grow up in a home with a supportive family. They look for the easy way out. I do not believe that we should continue to pay taxes and support such. Let the strong survive and the others fade out and change this culture from where it is headed. I agree with what the official said in SC. It is like feeding wild dogs. They just keep multiplying and coming back with more.


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