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Soooo, according to you the few that wouldn't think of it are the very young.... like what? 3 or 4 years old? Why the He** do you think of that ugly period. It was so long ago and there is racism from EVERY ethnicity towards others, including Black toward White. Unless you are like 60 or older then you dont really know much about it except what you have read about. Im 28 years old and White, I read about it, didnt live it. However, I know about it, and I dont like racism. I do see some people living up to stereotypes such as toothless hicks and sagging pants to their knees thugs. I cant stand that crap. But I have black friends. If people need someone to hate, hate the Taliban. Leave the other shi* in the past and let it go. It happened and there is always going to be racism on some level from everybody but for black people, the general belief is stemming from way back in the day when it didnt have jack to do with most people 55 or younger alive today. Thats like hispanics bitc**ng about the Mexican-American War. Blacks or hispanics hating whites though, we dont have anything like that to fall back on. I think too many people are just ridin that shi* out as long as possible because of Americas past.


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