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EVOC rule #1 Due Regard while exceeding speed limits

Having been through EVOC as an Emergency Worker I guess I need to remind the officer who posted earlier as well as the WPD there is a standard its called Due Regard. When Responding Emergently you must still use due care which means not driving excessively beyond the safe limits of your own abilities or the vehicle you are driving. If the driver of an Emergency vehicle (Fire Engine, Ambulance, Police Car) fails to use due regard and car when responding then they can be held liable. Why the Defense atty in the most recent case didnt bring this up amazes me. As for the cop who wrecked the other night he likely exceeded due regard. Just because your vehicle has lights and sirens (oh and BTW the letter of the law says you cant exceed the speed limit without both in use period otherwise you are violating the law as well, just a reminder for those who think that they can speed just because they are behind the wheel of said Vehicle). I still feel bad for the officers family who died on Shipyard but that guy in no way was directly or indirectly responsible for his death the officer was driving wreckless and dangerously at over 100mph in a 45mph zone (which by any commonsense violates due regard at the speed he was driving the dopplar effect of his siren if it was even in use would have been negated by his speed meaning somebody could have pulled out in front of him and had NO WARNING before they got hit by him) Sorry its the truth like it or not and if these officers continue to drive this way they need to go back to Driving training school and get a refresher on proper emergency vehicle operations.


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