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doesn't change the fact

still doesn't change the fact wrightville beach is an awful beach to visit.

remember years back when bumper stickers read "welcome to wrightville beach now go home".

and a couple years back the city of Wilmington DOT wanted the city buses to go across the bridge so people had access to the beach but city residents of wrightsville beach didn't want no part of it "poor people" on our beach "no thanks"

even though years back a trolley use to go directly to the beach when the pavilion was down there before it burnt down.

remember the pizza hut that use to be down in wrightville beach usually pizza huts roof are red ....well people in the city complined and said the red roof would class pizza hut changed it roof to the grey brown like everyone else roof down there.

frankly i find the smoke ban lift a joke they only did that because it may effect tourism and money they may receive you can expect when the winter month arrives then they will enforce it regardless those people and there beach are a joke.


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