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WilmingtonMAJ, your ignorance shows again....

...and the more you post, the better you show it!!! Boxing has been around for eons. It is a sport of extreme discipline, superior conditioning and of commitment. Boxing is also an World participating Olympic event and is recognized as a major sport WORLDWIDE.
A local boxing community will do a lot to keep kids interested in something substantial, something to work for and a hobby to pursue. It will help keep them away from drugs, gangs and violence. It will give them another group activity to look forward to with friends afterschool. It builds sportsmanship, HONOR and personal strength. You must not know much about these attributes to cackle so loudly and so quickly.

Perhaps consider the boys that form two lines and run head-on into each other at full bore trying to jostle a pointy ended, bouncy ball. Or maybe the 7 foot guys that poke each others eyes out with thier elbows trying to put a round ball through a silly hoop?

Sorry, but real men enjoy real sports with real competition. Not all of us were cut out to be "Curling" or "Badmitton" champions such as yourself, that require SO MUCH work.....Geeeez, some people just can't let go of mamma...some people shouldn't.


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