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My wife and I have a four

My wife and I have a four year age difference, am I a pervert? I certainly do not have the details of this case but I can take a guess that the girl was at least 16 years old, most likely older. From time to time I would even guess that she would go downtown to the clubs to hang out (I only say that because the large number of underage girls down there). I would guess he does the same. Being this is such a small town I bet they ran into each other down there. If he wasn't her coach there wouldn't be anything said of this matter, but the fact is he was her coach. He should have known better but didn't, most likely because not working in the school system he wasn't told that this kind of behavior isn't acceptable. Coaches need to trained on the ways to deal with girls in high school these day, for that matter all men working in high schools. These high school girls throw as much out there as they can and if a guy goes to say something like cover yourself then often times the girls get mad and say why are you looking. Maybe we need to look at the bigger issue of student behavior rather. Certainly if this coach did what he is charged with punish him, but at that age the girl certainly knew what she was doing.


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