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Guest 9902

YOU are out of the loop buddy. Have you seen the news lately about the group of 7 year olds dancing? These young girls were encouraged by their parents and dance coach to wear innapropriate costumes and dance in a leud and sexy manner. They coppied the dance Beyonce did to "All the Single Ladies". For a 28 year old woman who is viewed as a sex symbol the dance is ok. For 7 and 8 year olds, absouletly not. Girls are starting to learn at a young age how to "sell" themselves and their bodies to get what they want. Highschools are a breeding ground for innapropriateness. And the way girls now are being brought up by their parents and leaders is disgusting. So I agree that the highschool (and younger aged girls) are asking for it by the way they present themselves.


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