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where is the common sense

i can not believe all this about ending drag racing, i built pro mod cars as a living and love drag racing ,how ever i have common sense.I know that any thing in life can be dangerous, so i am safety conscious.Im sure that all though tragic, the gentleman that lost his life was enjoying a race and new the risk he was taking standing right up against the fence. look at all the people standing around at a golf game on tv when tiger woods is teeing off. If he sliced the ball and it killed one of them would we be punished and not allowed to play golf again? No because common sense tells us that sh*t happens! God its people like these that make it necessary to put the "caution hot" label on coffee cups. sissy's like this are the decay that is rotting this country away, stop being so scared and worry about your own dam problems.Drag racing is an amazing sport, and just like anything in life has its risks. My sympathy to the family of the man that died and also the gentleman that was injured, and pro stock Joe!


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