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what really happen from my side

Well this is my uncle & honestly the driver didn't even say sorry all we heard was " _____ always puts on a show " and it hurts so bad inside was the last person to talk to him. we was standing beside him and that night , I felt like my world came to a end know he was gone no bringing him back. other driver told my daddy that the man had a few drinks & wouldn't let anyone else drive. by the time the 1st car reached the finish line he took off , I had a feeling something was going to happen by the time her hit the 1st wall I knew to run but my mouth count say anything. My cousin got burned & was taking to hospital that night to. People was saying my uncle got hit by the motor , HE DIDN'T! HE GOT HIT BY THE FORCE OF SOMETHING OFF THE CAR. He only had broken bones. Thank You to the ones that sent prays. nothing is wrong with the track it was just bad timing & the wrong race, but again thank you. it still hard knowing he's gone but we know he rather it been him then the young ones .


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