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Are you really sure of your comments

The system you dtate will not work. I can show numerous examples of where it does work and work efficiently and more cost effectively (Hanover and Roanoke counties in Virginia) so what facts do you base your information on? As far as employees being in the dark... are you one? I believe that this is a case of where change is affecting the individuals who don't want change and are not looking at the common good of the community. I am not oblivious to the pros and cons of consolidation, but I also know that each district would not require as many pieces equipment or fire apparatus to meet the ISO rating. In fact there is a good possibility that the consolidation could lower the ISO rating reducing both residential and commercial insurance premiums. The reduction of ISO rating,(in the top 5 questions businesses locating to an area ask)could stimulate economic development and monitary stimulus to the region. I am sure you could not argue this would be a plus. Consistant training in the organization verses how many different training programs and standards? I can continue with these but I think my point is clear. Is this really about the people making the decision, since most of our puplic is ignorant to the true workings of a fire department and only go on what you tell them, is this really service delivery or is this about our oown turf we want to protect as our domain.


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