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I'm fed up with the innuendo and outright fabrication of facts that Will Breazeale and Randy Crow have tossed around. Fortunately, we in the 7th district have a stand-up Republican Congressional candidate in Ilario Pantano. ALL of the stupidity throw out by Breazeale and Crow was answered yesterday by the Pantano press conference:
Honorable Discharge- check. The campaign handed out photocopies of the certificate.
Military Records- check. The campaign had the full record on display for any and all to read.
Worked for Goldman Sachs- check. There was a 10,000 word article on display from a very prominate national magazine quoting former co-employees of Pantano's at GS.
How he earns his income- check. Pantano's wife was brave enough to let everyone know she works as a successful Executive Recruiter, which allows her husband to run for a Congressional seat.
Defend the Defenders- check. The head of the local VFW spoke, as well as Pantano's mother and founder. All questions answered there too.

And speaking of Breazeale and Crow...I'm guessing they shouldn't be attempting to toss around lies when their own personal histories are so checkered:
Breazeale's court records stack up almost 3 inches thick and include numerous, horrendous issues.

The point of this all is to say, "IT IS A DEAD ISSUE"...if I may be so bold as to quote Ilario Pantano.


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