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Honestly What Pantano did

Honestly What Pantano did was probably deserved. Those pyscho ragheads dont understand anything but violence most of them. The truth is Im sure what he did or didnt do isnt any different then what other soldiers have done in other wars. War is hell as they say and if it takes sending a message to save the lives of our boys overseas so be it. The Taliban and Al Qeda have no trouble sending messages far worse then what he did and whos to say the story as some have suggested was even was what they said. The Corp certainly wouldnt have condoned cold blooded murder I suspect theirs more to it or it would have gone way past an Article 32. Mr Will your a poor excuse for a soldier as the son of a 30yr Career Army Officer whos buried in Arlington your actions are a disgrace to the honor and civility of the US Army. I demand you immediate resign your commission (hey if he can demand Pantano step down why cant I demand he resign his commission).


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