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That's just MEAN!!!

Your comments regarding Mr Pantano are totally unfounded, cruel and mean. It is obvious that you know absolutely nothing about this man OR what he went through. He was exonerated of the accusations by a full and formal military court.

And you speak the word "COWARD"? This is the word we apply to people like you that hide behind fake cyber names, puffing their big cyber chest to make totally unfounded and rediculous claims as you have. People like you will NEVER expose themselves due to lack of credibility, lack of a military background and lack of political experience. All hot air, nothing more!

You must be in union with the same group that wanted to hang the Navy Seals during their last trial (charges dismissed, thank you!) and you thought it a happy day when you saw that our servicemen were murdered, burned and hung from a bridge in Iraq.

You may have a beef with Mr. Pantano, you may have a beef with the Republican Party, but when you start slinging personal accusations such as, "imposter", "murderer" and "coward" toward a soldier with his credibility, you border along the character of treason and treachery to your country (and I only assume you are an American). Maybe it's time you move to another one. Iran and Venezuela are looking for new citizens these days, help yourself, COWARD!!!


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