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Don't agree with Will but...

I am a veteran and served in Iraq. I have been in firefights there and also know Pantano...well. I was not at his trial and did not have access to his file...what happened is probably never going to be discussed honestly or openly.

I can say this...the man is doing an outstanding job of snowing everyone. He is the epitome of the word "sociopath". The fact that he was embraced by Causey should be concern enough for everyone. I spoke to Ilario during that time and he defended Casuey vehemently. I find it ironic that he is now running for the conservative seat. Politics do make a strange bedfellow!

Will Pantano's "go get em'" attitude work for us in DC? Maybe it will for the time being. If you think he is doing any of this because he is some sort of Capt. America then you are sorely mistaken. He is all about SEMPER ME!

I chastised Benson for going on the attack against Pantano. Then I got to know Pantano and I ended up having to apologize to Benson.


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