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What lovely hate speech you have. How about YOU leave and find some nice little island where you can live by yourself so no one will ever bother your or make you do anything you don't want to do. I know you must be using your anger to compensate for your own stupidity and lack of language skills. Apparently learning another language would...what? Make you liberal? It's not just immigrants or illegal immigrants that are here you know...there are also thousands upon thousands of legal visitors and immigrants and making them feel welcome to visit our wonderful country shouldn't be this big of an issue! How exactly does it hurt you in the LEAST little bit for a company to have a dual language menu? Please do tell! You are the exact reason that half the world hates this country and the arrogance of people such as yourself. Most children in other countries learn several languages and learn to respect others and their cultures by doing so. Your idiocy and racist views apparently don't allow for intelligence. Sucer le secoue!


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