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Nice attack!!!

My post has nothing to do with hate and your accusation of such displays that you have a serious reading comprehension problem. I said, "If you want to be an American, then come here legally and observe our laws." Now how can that be interpreted as hateful? I lack language skills in Spanish, French, Russian, Hungarian and many, many others. It is because I am an American and WE speak English here! My English is superb and I use it daily. I may have to press "1" first, but I use it!

Also, Ms Sophisticated world traveler, did you notice while on one of your many voyages that most of the countries you refer to are no larger that the State of Connecticut and for them to be able to speak to their neighboring countries (that are ALSO the size of Connecticut), they HAVE to be multi-lingual? Europe is the perfect example. It isn't culture, it's called neccessity. Open your eyes and listen on your next world tour.

I respect many other cultures, but the first attribute required to gain that respect from me is INTEGRITY. Sneaking into our country and taking advantage of my fellow Americans tax money doesn't fall into that category.
That is what we commonly refer to as THEIVES.

Please make sure your foot is well clear of the stirrup as you dis-mount from that high horse, otherwise you are subject to being dragged some distance on your back.


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