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So what is it that you want?

It is easy to tell that reading comprehension skills by some readers and posters here are at a very minimum. Education is important, some missed out and it is evident

I do not convey hate or racism in any form or against any people. I don't see hate or racism conveyed by anyone making comments on this subject. You are falsly interpreting the disdain for thieves as racist or hate. That is YOUR problem. This is America and we have illegal aliens invading it, sucking money out of it through the Social Security system, health care and by NOT paying they contriutory fair share as I have done for over 30 years. That isn't racist and it isn't hateful. What they are doing is criminal and I have to pay for it. THAT IS WRONG!

So what is it that you want to make it "fair"? Would you prefer that the US government issue every illegal alien a brand new cadillac, a 4 year degree, an endless free health care card, 50 get out of jail free passes and fourteen free birthing sessions at your local county hospital with complimentary 5 night stays???

Why is the issue of people not obeying federal law while entering this country considered racist or hateful? It isn''s called BREAKING THE LAW!!!


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