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My statements are FACTS, yours is an opinion...

...and it seems quite clear that you are right along with the illegals taking every free entitlement you can get your hands on. Otherwise you wouldn't be so defensive of those that take from Americas people without contribution.

I have worked very hard and paid dearly to get my education, pay my taxes, pay my social security (which I likely will never get to use), pay my medicare, pay and maintain my health insurance and be a contributing citizen of this country. This was the way I was raised, you evidently had a different method. This is a great country we live in and I'm here to tell you one GREAT BIG fact of life right here:

My father and my Grandfather did not die in vain so that you can leave the country you were born in to come over here and disrespect OURS!

THAT applys to all of you that want to accuse me of being "racist" and "hateful". We call this being an American and standing up for what is right and wrong. Entering this country illegally by anyone and sucking down the entitlements without working for them or paying YOUR fair share is plain out WRONG!

And if you don't like my point of view, TOUGH...


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