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What is wrong here

I can't believe that you would even offer such a huge reward for clues in the death of a sea turle!!!! This is the most ludicris thing I have ever heard of. The mother of my precious granddaughters was murdered this past December 26th and to even get $5,000.00 reward offered in clues in her death, it had to go through the Govenor's office, etc. We can't get any help from anyone with clues, good luck on getting clues on the dead turtle. I see where priorities are now, and beleive me, I do not condone the cruelty of killing the turtle; but get your priorities straight here. How about donating that stupid turtle bounty to a community issue to help humans???? If there was more attention paid to humans and their needs; and you quit regulating them out of their livelihoods on the water, you might would see less anger shown. Nothing is right about how the turtle died, but someone was angry. Try walking in their shoes. Obviously people sometimes have more money than common sense. And how about some of your money go to help the cruelty that was demonstrated in the death of my granddaughters mother....oh I forgot...she was a human.


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