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This is horrific - To "I am

This is horrific - To "I am outraged," I am very sorry for your loss and can see that this would be disheartening to you. However, one comment disturbed me a bit:

"Nothing is right about how the turtle died, but someone was angry."

Anger is not a justification for violence against humans or animals. This is actually very frightening - someone is clearly disturbed and deranged and these violent actions rarely stop with animals. This is typical behavior of people who are or will become serial killers so finding the person/people responsible could very well save a human life someday.

Killing an endangered species is a federal offense, that is why the reward for information is so high and the penalties are stiff. That is why government agencies have gotten involved.

I am sorry that more was not done to find information in the death of your grand-daughters' mother. Perhaps, writing letters or contacting some local agencies can help get the word out there more so justice can be done and your family can find some closure.


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