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Citizens won't waste their time....

...listening to a bunch of side-lipped, mumbling with vocal mumbo-jumbo rhetoric from the council members. It is completely obvious that the City of Wilmington will do what THEY want to do regardless of what the PEOPLE have to say, so why waste the time and effort? Just go to the beach, enjoy yourself and think about something positive.

Just don't forget to vote! At least exercise that one pitiful remnant of power. If any of you ever vote FOR bonds and FOR tax increases because of the threats of cuts to education and elderly services, you should have that brain tumor removed!

It is obvious that the city, county and state do not carry the best interest of the people, only the best interest of themselves. Such a shame that likely causes our forefathers to roll over in their graves. This just isn't the way things were intended to happen....

Does anyone want to venture a guess as to how long it will take before the city council raises the tax rate AGAIN to pay for the convention center? 2 YEARS...3 YEARS?

If the city can't even pay for the bonds the people voted for in an effort to assist CFCC, how is it even possible for them to monetarily support the convention center? I consider it an IMPOSSIBLE task for them based on their track record.

You know it's coming, so get your checkbooks out and your inkpens warmed up, BUT...whatever you do...BE SURE TO VOTE THE CRONIES OUT! Show up at the polls and vote!

Haven't you had just about enough???


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