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I want to encourage the city council to look at other options regarding the proposed property tax increase. We are all in the same situation, except here within the last several months realizing that we don’t have enough money to pay debts we citizens don’t go to our employers and increase our pay. They would smile and say sorry, now is not the time. Well NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR THIS!
The city needs to find funds by maybe selling items (not parks) online like all of us.
Absolutely do not fund one single organization except critical city services-Police, Fire, Streets THAT’S IT.
We’re all cutting back what we spend and the city needs to do the same. Get rid of employees making over 60,000 a year. Yes that’s a bummer for them but if they want to get rich then they should go work in the private industry. Let’s start with the city manager, replace him with someone requiring less pay. Stop the silly spending such as paying a firm 100,000 dollars to find a police chief or 168,000 to draw up plans for a fire dept. This has got me so steamed, I wish I was wealthy enough to be able to run and participate for a seat on city council but, like most of us I have to work every day. In closing once again I urge city council to look for other options, be creative don’t be like every other government and say hey not enough money, oh well raise taxes. And remember that we city residents are paying county taxes also so it’s like a double whammy!
Worried about or future-Charlie Cribb


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