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Yeah, Maj... I agree in part

Yeah, Maj... I agree in part with you, but is a city manager for Wilmington REALLY worth $170K plus per year?? Here's the article source for this should you care to check:

Let's do some math for the fun of it!

Let's assume two weeks paid vacation equating to 10 business days and 10 days for paid holidays... 20 business days equating to 4 weeks of paid non-attendance at work. Subtracting from a 52 week year, we get a 48 week working year from the city manager.

Giving the benefit of the doubt, let's give the city manager credit for working 80 hours a week. 80hours per week times 48 weeks worked is 3,840 hours.

Dividing $170000 by 3840 gives a rate of $44.28 per hour... not bad for government work.

What about all the other "administrators" and "supervisors" on the municipal payroll? What are they doing to earn a living??

Here's another link which describes the earnings range of a city manager at a range of $59.6 - 122 thousand dollars.


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