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Ms. Wallace Video

Ms. Wallace taped the Council meetings for several years without a stipend and did so during the current year budget without a stipend until the PIO took over. I know as I helped her tape the meetings without a stipend during much of this time. She spent many hours each month other than running the camera to produce quality videos for viewing on Channel 8. She also saved the Town tens of thousands of dollars several years ago in getting the current video equipment purchased instead of the gold plated proposal the Town officials were considering.

The PIO works for the Town Manager who works at the pleasure of the Town Council. The Mayor does not direct the PIO, the Town Manager, or the Town Council. The previous Mayor "ruled" Town Hall when the Council and Manager should have told him to shut up and pay his shell corporations property taxes.

You want to complain about Mayor Wallace's views lets have a discussion, there are several that I disagree with... but keep in mind that the Mayor has no power to set Town policy or direct the Town Manager unless they acquiesce to the Mayor.

It is not the Mayor proposing increasing Town Property Tax revenue 23% or doubled the budget over what it was 4 years ago. It is not the Mayor that performed the flawed engineering on the Town Wastewater System and mismanaged the contractors installing the Town Wastewater System. It is not the Mayor that decided to not partner with Brunswick County in 2002 that has lead to more than a doubling of the Wastewater System cost to at least $150 million and a three plus year delay in completion (see Holden Beach.)


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