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Town Budget

Town Council approved the stipend. Ms. Wallace asked for something based on the significant hours she expended each month to provide the residents of the Town of Oak Island with Town Council meeting videos. She would have and did continue without the stipend. Ms. Wallace interference with Town business is significantly less than her predecessor. A Town with a lot less business to do would eliminate the ability for this a future mayors to disappear. It is ciritical to keep in mind which elected officials are responsible for these irresponsible budget levels and flawed projects.

If you read carefully you would note the 23% increase is in the Property Tax revenue not property tax rate. It appears you enjoy playing the old rate change game and not the really important number, total revenue extracted by the Town from it's residents and property owners.

The Town officials total mismanagement of the new wastewater project has lead to years of delay and a more than doubling of costs to more the $150 million. Sticking our heads in the sand as the majority of Town officials have done over the last 8 years helps no one. The bond holders deserve to finally hear the truth about the Towns finances.

Reducing services is easy, ToOI budget includes significant non essential services. I will offer a budget alternative at next weeks Public Hearing that will reduce the total budget by $6M plus from the Managers proposal reducing property tax revenue to ~$2M (2 cent rate) and building the emergency fund to restore essential services in case of a storm this summer.

This budget will restore equity in utility rates and not ask those in the existing wastewater service area who are already paying for their capital equipment and should not be required to pay for the capital costs of the new system.

This budget will reduce spendng, taxes, services, and employees. The Town of Oak Island is not a job bank for those in power and their family and friends.

This budget will start the Town on the path of only taxing it's residents and property owners for the truly essential services that a municipal government must provide and allow the beauty of the Island of Oak Island to be shared by all, not just the wealthy who can afford the Town of Oak Island playground for the rich lifestyle.


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