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I think you would find many

I think you would find many people who find this mayor is far more intrusive. Although I see your point about less business less for the mayor to interfere in. I would prefer that the mayor get out of town hall now and quit directing staff as if they are her personal employees.

I should have put a question mark at the end of 2.5 cent or 18% increase. I was wondering if we were using different calculation. In fact we are talking about different things. I am not sure that is a rate change game. It appears you find your calculation to be the important one. Whatever works for you.

Many things have brought the town where it is today You can still find people who think if the town had built its own sewer system, instead of the years of delays by the forces who felt we should partner with the county, we wouldn't be in this position. Who knows who is right and does it really matter? This is the reality we have.

We do have a council/ manager form of government which means Betty does not get to impose her will on anyone. Didn't she know that coming into this? Many of her ideas are so inappropriate it is good she has so little influence. Now it seems she wants to fund the outside agency requests by dipping into accommodations tax fund.

I should also have been clear about the difficulty of reducing taxes. I was speaking of the difficulty for Betty. You will have no problem slashing the budget. It is not likely the mayor will be endorsing your cuts. Of course on any given day or in front of any given audience you never can tell what she might say, so let's wait and see.


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