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That's not a big shocker at all. If this gets passed then everyone will know just how much power that Soles really has.I guess that people just wasted their time going to put in there votes because it doesn't matter about them anyway. Soles is going to protect his buddy system so that he continues to have pull in these counties.People in Columbus county need to wake up and see what is going on here.Everyone knows that he is out to protect his sidekicks cause when Rex lost. Soles came out with this bill. Soles knows that there will no longer be a DA in office to help him with his dirty work anymore.Everyone just prey that this bill is not passed and make Columbus County a good county to live in again.I don't know about everyone but,I'm tired of our county being talked about all the time.Everyone just stop and think just for a bit and say to yourself we have never seen such a bill mentioned like this before why now all of a sudden since Soles will no longer be in office nor will Rex.It is nothing but to continue for the dirty work of Columbus County to continue to go on.Please lets all wake up and realize whats going on here.Enough is enough.


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