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Fallen Police Officer, Gore, and Soles

There has been talk for a long time about dividing the 13th District, such as the 'Honorable Soles' has suggested. However, it is interesting to see who would benefit at this time: Gore could get back in, Pope could get a DA's position even if he loses to David. Either way, Democrats win - again. Does this suggest that Pope is a crony of Soles? I hope not. I would hope that corruption should not be so hard to dispel once it has been revealed so clearly time after time.

My family and I have passed still one more year where my sis Davina Buff Jones was ignored as a rightfully designated fallen officer due to one single man: Rex Gore. This after we won local, state, and national rulings that she did NOT commit suicide. It is sacrilege many people who know the truth allow to continue. Gore may have the only power to change her cause of death in court, but there are many others involved who DO know the truth. They are no better than Gore.

I, for one, am glad that after all the years of service to this state, Soles realized that this district contains three counties and might need to be divided. You, the public, are supposed to be too stupid and too powerless to change anything else about it.

WWAY, I sometimes write and you won't publish. If you can cover all the politicians and their lies, you can publish my truth. Please. For my sister's memory,since she's not 'fallen' only shot in the back of the head during her watch.


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