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far away in Raleigh, Representative Spaulding-Hughes introduced HB 1937. This bill would provide $500,000 for "Cooking for Change, Inc" a non-profit organization set up on April 15, 2010.

The focus of "Cooking For Change" is reported to be educational programs to promote healthy food preperation.

I guess I missed something. CFCC has a well known and succesful cooking program right on its Wilmington Campus. This station periodically sends reporters there to sample the cuisine.

Why, one must ask, would Ms. Spaulding-Hughes sponsor HB1937 to benefit a newly formed organization, less than 30 days old, when CFCC has an established program already in place?

Think about this. Which group is more likely to effectively use the funds? A 30 day old organization with no established track record? OR, the well established, well managed Cape Fear Community College?

In the business world, I know where you would place the resources, especially in a tight economic climate with state and local governments fighting the battle of budget deficits.

You have to wonder why Ms. Spaulding-Hughes would stick a knife in the back of CFCC?

Please do as I did. Contact your State Representative and express your disgust and ask them to vote against HB 1937.

If the state can come up with $500,000 for southeast NC, send it to CFCC and ear mark it for the culinary curriculum.

Thank goodness she had enough sense not to stand for re-election.

Was this an attempt to set up some type of post term employment opportunity for the sponsoring Representative?

This piece of proposed legislation may go down as the most frivilous and foolish bill intorduced this term.


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