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Speak the truth, please!

About those drug charges at the health department: You are reporting that testing wasn’t done because of lack of documentation. That raises the simple, logical question: How many years ago did this “staff taking drugs” happen? Shirley Steele made it sound like it is happening currently, in which case documentation would be acquired now. Proof would be readily available now. Remember, Steele plainly and clearly stated “TAKING DRUGS” in your station’s on-camera interview. There is no other way to construe that comment except to say that this is currently happening and this is illicit drug use on the job, not in the past, not some other substance abuse problem, simply means: taking drugs at the health department, while on the job, and doing it now. WWAY, did you happen to ask the simple question: When? Did you bother to ask if this person had a job position that “endangers people’s lives” as George and Steele are saying? Did you bother to ask if this was reported when it was happening and who it was reported to? Did you happen to ask Steele or Brown whose life was endangered? Did you happen to at least 2nd guess this public health nurse and question her in depth. That would have been responsible journalism.


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