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SurfCity Tom: I also believe

SurfCity Tom:

I also believe Dr. Griffith has the right to face his accuser. I also believe he has the right to fire her, but it seems that the County has tied his hands so this lingers on. This all snowballed from conspired events which included the participants Jason Leary, George Brown, Jimmy Tate and the nurse that made the allegations from the start. Each participant had their own motives.

So now County Attorney Trey Thurman is in the mix attempting to cover the Pender’s butt and sweep this all under the rug. It is now known that the accuser who made the allegation of “drug use” has since admitted that she lied. Trey Thurman refuses to come out with this fact in a simple press statement because of the fear of lawsuits against Pender County and the individuals who have been riding this horse with the local media.

I do not agree with your suggestion of “drug testing” county employees and this is why. If I made the allegation to the cops that you were dealing drugs from your home and then I later admitted that I lied, would you still want the cops come in bust you door down looking for drugs? I wouldn’t think so.

I do not have a problem with random “drug testing” in any organization, but in this instance which is a fabrication and is under a false pretense I do not agree it should take place. This suggestion is a mere diversion.

Testing for mental stability in Pender County is another story and is something which I would agree to. The first in line should be George Brown. Or would someone granting that favor suggest another HIPAA violation?


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