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SurfCity Tom: Copy and

SurfCity Tom:
Copy and Paste’s Point.

Let me clue you in and draw you a bigger picture.

The Pender Board of Commissioners controls the County Manager and the County Attorney. Their decisions are dictated by the Commissioners.

Two of the County Commissioners, George Brown and Jimmy Tate have attacked Dr. Griffith verbally in the media with no just cause as the “Rogue Nurse” has also done.

Jimmy Tate is the Commissioner who also serves on the Board of Health as mandated by the NC State Statute.

George Brown is under the impression that as a commissioner he can fire and replace whomever he wants on the Board of Health that does not support the “Rogue Nurse” who made the false allegations and has caused all these problems from the get go just because she feels she has to have Dr. Griffith’s job.

George Brown wants to get rid of the “licensed physicians” who are on the Board of Health.

George Brown’s thought is that if he can remove these Doctors off the Board of Health and out of the facility then he can control the Board of Health’s decisions with the help of friends and Board members, Jimmy Tate and Jason Leary.

Jason Leary, a member of the Board of Health, is the representative of the general public. Jason Leary is also the next door neighbor and friends of the “Rogue Nurse”.

Jimmy Tate has other reasons for wanting Dr Griffith out, but is supporting George Brown’s game plan because it seems like a sure thing and if Dr Griffith is gone it also takes away his problem.

If George Brown could pull this off then he could also force Dr. Griffith out and the “Rogue Nurse” into the vacant position.

George Brown wants to control the Director of the Health Dept (Dr. Griffith’s position) because the Director also controls the Environmental Health Services which inspects and heads up permitting for Pender County. (“scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”. )

That is what this whole deal at the Pender County Health Dept is all about. It’s all about the control of Dr. Griffith’s position.

Back to your question asking what’s the point of the copy and paste? I believe the contributor was attempting to point out that these Board of Health Statutes are Mandated by the State of North Carolina and not by Pender County. George Brown does understand this. He is doing his best to control the decisions of the Board of Health and he is simply wasting valuable time and money by fighting this battle.

I found the contributor’s post very relevant considering the tunnel vision most contributors have. I think reading the posted Statutes again might be helpful unless one is still so fixated on question the local media asked, “Well, have you considered drug testing?”


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