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SurfCity Tom. Believe me. I

SurfCity Tom.

Believe me. I am more than familiar than most when it comes to the NC Statutes concerning the Heath Department and the Board of Health.

To answer your point.

Please read the words below that are capitalized and underlined.

“The members of a county board of health shall be appointed by the county board of commissioners. The board shall be composed of 11 members. The composition of the board shall reasonably reflect the population makeup of the county and shall include: one physician licensed to practice medicine in this State, one licensed dentist, one licensed optometrist, one licensed veterinarian, one registered nurse, one licensed pharmacist, ONE COUNTY COMMISSIONER, one professional engineer, and three representatives of the general public”

This is Mandated in the NC Statutes and not considered a conflict of interest. If it’s not Jimmy Tate, then it’s one of the other Commissioners. Please choose one.

To answer your point
Yes, when confronted she admitted that she lied. She is still employed because Dr Griffith’s power to fire her or anyone else in the Dept who followed the mutiny has been denied by the County Attorney which is directly dictated by Commissioners George Brown and Jimmy Tate who the County Attorney works for.

To answer your point
“While the Board of Health may appoint a candidate for the Director's position, the state Board of Health has to approve that choice”. This is a given fact, but George Brown is still trying to create the worst case scenario with lies while being interviewed by the local media so Dr Griffith loses his position by public support which may influence the State Board of Health.

To answer your point
“Also, the Board of Health membership is mandated to have certain professional representatives”. Yes this is mandated, but the “Rogue Nurse” and George Brown both have a beef with the ones on the Board of Health at present and not with who may fill their positions after these are forced out.

To answer your point
“Snoop, maybe you should get your head out of the pound and think like a reasonably thinking person. That's often the measure used to determine right from wrong”.

A famous attorney once told me that there are three sides to every story, your side, their side and the truth. But I later discovered in life that there is a fourth. It’s the side that the media wants to put the spin on and which is never the truth. It’s just for their ratings. It’s unfortunate that too many people watch and believe everything they see and hear in this new tabloid journalistic world we live in these days.

It was the media that suggested the “drug testing” to the public viewers to start with. They have continued to deny the viewers the truth. The longer this lingers, the more fill time they have. I know this first hand.

I think we are on the same side, but have different views of how this needs to happen. So I will not fight with you. Just maybe I disagree about some of your views.

I do agree with you that Jimmy Tate needs to be out and I’m also suggesting that George Brown should be voted out when his term expires. Trey Thurman also needs to be fired.

My view is that most of us have gotten lazy and rode the wave during the 70s, 80s and the 90s. We have bypassed our local politics and now it’s out of control. We need to be more involved and take it back.


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