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The barrage of criticism

The barrage of criticism against Dr Griffith by a couple of spineless Commissioners and a few others will end up causing Dr Griffith to walk away from the Health Dept out of mere frustration. The citizens of Pender County should be ashamed to have allowed themselves to be led astray by these folks and the local media whom they have befriended.

If we continue to let these attacks take place with immature requests of asking for “drug tests” then we will lose one of the most valuable assets we have in Pender County. THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE USE OF DRUGS AT THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT. THAT WAS A THE "ROGUE NURSE" LIE WHICH THE MEDIA PLAYED UP. THIS IS ALL ABOUT HILLBILLY POLITICS IN PENDER COUNTY.

George Brown, Jimmy Tate, Trey Thurman and the “Rogue Nurse” are on the “offensive” and will not let up until Dr Griffith is gone. That is their only agenda. None of the above has even a hint of intelligence in the proper management of this county, but we have allowed them to waste time and money and continue this phony “Witch Hunt”.

If you have any desire to stop this then you should email the above and let them know that you are tired of this and you want them to stop this NOW.

The truth will soon come out about the George Brown, the “Rogue Nurse” and Jimmy Tate, but it may be too late for Dr Griffith if we don’t act now.

Thank you.


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