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In response to Scott

Every News Broadcast division has a responsibility to its viewer to be fair in their coverage.

Pender County viewers not only deserve intelligent reporting, but we demand it.

I went back and reread all your Pender County Health Department links on your web site and made these points.

The fact that Dr Griffith’s hands are tied by the county is not a license to publish one sided interviews only with the subjects who are willing to talk just to create havoc.

The descriptive unsubstantiated allegations by the interviewees were broadcast by your station to the viewing public and your station ran with it without equal time for the accused or any representation for the accused.

The “hidden faces” of the Health Department employees and the “selected sound bites” of the accusers were by nature a form a tabloid TV.

All questions presented to the interviewees were only for their benefit and not in the best interest of the viewing public.

All the interviews were constantly the same subjects spewing the same allegations about the same people. Pender has a County Attorney, County Manager and other Commissioners whose views were not made known to the public. Jimmy Tate’s and George Brown’s faces have grown old.

The business of making the news then walking away is not in the best interest for the viewing public even if more important stories are now in the mix that are not “internal squabbles”.

I suggest your future your coverage of Pender County should find the angle which best represents the truth and not what your station and others present as the truth. That would be fair to the public.

We have a Health Department in this county and people who are in need of it. That is the most important story here. Not allegations made which have never been formally presented in any written form.

There is the “Freedom of Information Act” in which certain documents are available now and could be obtained which will better inform your viewers of the truth.

This is going to be a long drawn out process and I only hope the reporting improves in time.

Thank you for taking the time to respond.


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