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THe Burgaw Jokers

The Burgaw Jokers.

George Brown and Jimmy Tate must be idiots. You are now running scared as predicted. Your supporters are now coming after you full force and you have no place to turn. Your only solution now is to find support with the only person that might be able to help you and that is the same person that you personally attacked from the beginning, Dr Jack Griffith. I just hope he refuses to play your game now that he’s winning.

You both have gotten caught with your pants down and you now have no truthful way out. The only way you can find light to escape this mess you created is to continue to lie to the public and the local press.

The best thing you can do now is what most politicians do in your position that is to tell the truth by admitting you were wrong from the beginning. Dr Griffith can no longer be the fall guy in your cause. I suggest you find someone in a lesser position to take the blame. I believe it should be the “Rogue Nurse”, Shirley Steele.

George, Ms Steele got you in this predicament to start with, not Dr Griffith. You dragged Jimmy into this because he was scare and wanted to get rid of Dr Griffith’s supporters. Now Ms Steele has left you to fend for yourself and when she is gone you will definitely be left out in the cold.

If you want to stay in office as a Commissioner then be smart with this and do what you have to. Get Shirley Steele fired ASAP and save your butt.

Your constituents would respect you more for your honesty than the continued cover up in your public battle with the Pender County Health Department.

I would also take the time to produce a written statement saying you were misinformed with your initial complaints again Dr Griffith and the Health Department because Ms Steele lied to you.

Jimmy Tate should make the same statement and recuse himself as a member of the Pender County Board of Health.

You both have found yourselves in this legal predicament and my suggestions would be your only way out.

The Pender Eye.


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