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Mistakes do happen, but....

...did he "mistakenly" drink Vodka instead of water or soda? Doubtful. Did he "mistakenly" get into the drivers side of his vehicle rather than the passenger side of a taxi or with a DD? Doubtful. Did he "mistakenly" think he hadn't had enough to drink to cross the limit? Doubtful. As you can see, there were a lot of opportunities for him to review his checks and balances prior to getting behind the wheel as an intoxicated driver. He fully understands what that is all about.
I'm sure he is a great person and all of that, but these were cognitive decisions he made himself, not really mistakes, ESPECIALLY with his training and knowlege of the law. This man is a public police officer and knows very well what the law is regarding drinking and driving and what the consequences are for breaking them. So, now where is his credibility for testifying in any of the DWI's he has charged others with? How would he be able to perform his duty as a Deputy without a drivers license?
I enjoy a cocktail as much as the next person, I have the good sense and respect for the rules to drink them at home or hail a taxi. It really isn't rocket science to figure that out, right?


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