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Naacp actionsmaybe off

My child was taken out of west pender middle and was force to go to PSA until NAACP fought to get her back in regular school cause the board and NAAcP later found out it was some racism going on at west Pender dealing with the princile. My quiet child was also ask to leave because of this racism cause she was a good student thaey didn't want her affected by this situation. So the NAACP had my children placed at Burgaw middle school because i was told that my children would not have problems with racism there and that this school was almost gang environmental. I was also told this principle cares and all i can say is yeah right there all alike. I spent a whole year with Mr. coleman and i am sad to say i was wrong Mr. Coleman was the best i've seen yet my child went there in a lot of trouble but now she's less trouble she left and went to pender high and til she lost her phone last week she could still call Mr. Coleman and talk to him for hours at atime when she has problems or scared of the near future. I don't know any principle or teacher that the child was a pass student they can go back and still talk to and never say that they are busy or call back later. She has his personal number and every time she calls him she leaves off the phone smiling,laughing,and full of joy. When she felt she needed tutoring in the 8th gr. the teachers said no cause she was an honor student and didn't need it Mr. Coleman said no let her if she want to be tutored and is willing to learn allow her to and he personally made sure she was in that tutoring program and i thank You Mr. Coleman for all you have done and I am a proud black parent and you know who I am my daughter future is bright thanks to you and i hope Mr. coleman gets his job back cause the one that don't give a dam is still teaching im behind you NAACP but not this time you got this one wrong i must say


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