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I suggest council look at these weird ideas

Seriously? I think I may have voted in some incompetent politicians.
Here some ideas:
Scratch the entire WPD sable program, at least moth-ball it.
Scratch the WPD horse program -I mean It is 2010 after all. Is the FD using horses? NO
Sure we could sell a couple fire fighting apparatus BUT remember that the city has about 10 extra firefighters on duty each day than what we had in the 1950's. If you compare that to our growth and size it is unacceptable!
How about the golf course? SELL IT!! what percentage of city residents actually golf? It doesn't matter If i do-what percentage of residents do?
Lastly some city salaries are out of control such as the city manager and some heads of certain depts. I don't see the city council making the drastic changes that are needed. I see them wanting to balance the budget (which i appreciate) by increasing the citys income. Where are the real cuts???
Sure cutting back is going to be bad for some maybe me, but I think council needs to put themselves in the majority of our shoes, making less than 50K a year. If they are going to increase property taxes then they should make other cost-cutting changes as well. I think I'm getting sick to my stomach, because I'm sure none of the cuts I have mentioned will be made or even considered.
One final solution- combine the fire dept and waste industries. combo trucks could empty trash and fight fire. Of course the salaries of firefights will need to be substantially raised. Isn't that a weird idea? Its ideas like that that are going to get us out of this mess - I suggest council look at these weird ideas instead of (like everyone else) raising taxes.


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