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Burgaw Middle School

Another reader wrote:

"As a parent I would want to know why he was suspended before I ran out and showed my support for this guy. There must be a reason for the suspension and before I start demanding his job back and saying what bad timing this was I want to make sure he didn't do something that could be detrimental to the kids."

THANK YOU for adding a comment that makes sense! Over the course of this school year, Sholar and the Board of Education have NOT backed down from unsubstantiated NAACP complaints.

(Btw, I'm white, if that matters.)

Therefore, for the Burgaw Middle principal to be escorted out by sheriff's deputies at this point in the school year, Sholar and the BOE had to have had some pretty good evidence of something really bad.

Folks, remember, across the country, all public schools have to put student safety as their #1 priority, even before student learning. So, whatever Coleman did, I'd have to guess that Sholar and the Board of Ed had good reason to believe that with Coleman there, Burgaw Middle was not safe.

Everyone wants details, but if there is a criminal investigation going on, we won't hear any of the facts for a while. In the meantime, let's not rush to judge in either direction OR make stuff up. Instead, let's be glad that Sholar and the Board of Ed made a decision that keeps our students safe.


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