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God Bless Mr. Coleman

Why is it that a few bad apples can ruin the whole barrel....That is what has happened at BMS. A few have condemned a good man who has done a remarkable job turning a school around in less than 2 years. He has poured his life into BMS for OUR children. He has made decisions that have not been popular with his students and some of their parents; mainly his strict uniform policy. I have not always agreed with him on things but have always found a open door to discuss them with him. Even though I may still not agree with him, I at least understand where he is coming from and that he truly feels that it is best thing for our children. I cannot ask any more of a principal than to always have OUR children's best interest at heart. He is not there making decisions for a few children but all of OUR children and we need to remember to look at the whole picture and not have tunnel vision which focuses only on our child. So why ruin the reputation and career of someone who has given his heart and soul to making BMS a better school for OUR children......It does not make sense. If anyone reading this is part of the reason Mr. Coleman is no longer our principal, I pray that you look outside of your tunnel and look at the whole picture as to what your actions have done to it. God bless you Mr. Coleman for all you have done for BMS. MANY of us are extremely appreciative!!!!


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