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You must be kidding

Senator Soles can still make or break the budget process.

Once the House approves a budget, he will lead the Senate committee which will work with the house to come to a consensus.

Then her Majesty must sign off on it.

Can no one see that he will hold up his vote, and probably some others, to get this bill and the others he is submitting approved?

And if her Majesty has the appointment power, surely you realize he will tell her whom to appoint if she wants her budget approved.

Senator Soles is of the old school; he knows there's more than 1 way to skin a cat; and he probably does not care who likes it or not. Clearly, he wants everyone to understand he is still a force to be reckoned with on his retirement tour.

You want to focus on something? Focus on House Bill 1937 submitted by Representative Spaulding-Hughes which, if passed, will lay $500,000 on a newly created entity. Wonder of she has any ties with the founders or a position awaiting her when her term in office is up?


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