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The Connection

Let's not forget. Easley was DA before Gore. Gore's daughter later worked for Easley in Raleigh. Gore and Soles have been longtime buddies. Gore, Easley, and Ron Hewett were thick as thieves before that union fell apart and Hewett found himself out of the loop and sent off to federal prison (backs of Easley and Gore turned to him for whatever reasons). I know what reasons were given publically, but not sure what the REAL reasons were - it would have all gone away had they chose to make it so. It will be more than a shame and black eye on this state and country if the legislature allows itself to be blackmailed by the likes of a man with the morals of RC Soles. The only reason they would do so is if they themselves have skeletons in their own closets. SurfCityTom, don't bother to tell me it will be this way because it doesn't have to be. Some day the nay-sayers like you have to be proved wrong or this country won't be worth sending our troops anywhere to defend it.


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