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Magnum, Magnum, Magnum

it will be that way as long as people refuse to accept reality and refuse to do more than post on this website under assumed names.

History repeats itself.

LBJ & his vote buying scams when he was a Congressman and Senator in Texas.

JFK & the manner in which votes were bought in West Virginia and Chicago which gave him the Presidency in 1960.

Warren Harding, Ulysses Grant and their scandal plagued administrations.

Nancy Pelosi's father, who as Mayor of Baltimore, bought more votes for $5 and a shot of rye whiskey during the 1950s and 1960s.

Face Reality.

You throw all that old history out about Gore, Soles & Easley -- what did you do to bring about change?

This country is still a great country with little pockets of corruption.

You can whine or you can do something about it.

For over 2 years, this station has carried repeated reports of Senator Soles. Many, like you, stood on the sidelines whispering and spreading street gossip and innuendo. When the dust settled, he was hit with a $1,000 fine which was pocket change.

I'm a realist; clearly you are not. Part of reality is accepting that for all of his faults, Senator Soles was a very effective Legislator who represented his constituency well. That's not my opinion; that was confirmed in a study 2 or 3 months ago by some Raleigh think tank. And now watch the money not flow into Columbus County when he steps out of the Legislature.

But before he goes, he will give a final lesson in how local politics work.

What are you going to do about it? Whine and hang your head?


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