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Thanks for your history lesson. Brings back other stellar times in this country. The reality is that the average person cannot run for office due to lack of funds and the honest person can't get the funding because they won't bend the law for favors. The longer people stay in office, the more corrupt they get. That's reality. Just because you happen to resent other people's lack of morality in office doesn't mean you are stupid by default.

As far as writing her under assumed names, I assume your birth certificate bears SurfCityTom as your first or last name. Since you seem to want to uphold and champion Soles, tell me what he has done you find so redeeming. You need not bother to champion Gore - Brunswick, Bladen, and Columbus people already told him at the polls what they think of him. If you live in Surf City, as your 'name' implies, how would you know so much about how people in the district feel anyway?

Further, I would like you to spell out what you feel I, and others like me, should do besides vote and urge others to remember what these people have done - why can you bring up history, but you don't think I should - by the way, the ones who history I mention are still trying to infect themselves on us while the ones you mentioned are mostly gone on to their rewards. I hope. Tell us all what we should do. I feel sure there are many waiting on your directions, since you seem to know.


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