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Let's set the record straight

No where on any topic on this website have I championed Senator Soles.

Did I state he was entitled to his day in court? Yes I did. But then every citizen is so entitled.

Did I state his personal piccadillos did not impact his ability to represent his district effectively? Yes I did; and I noted that was the consensus opinion of a North Carolina think tank which ranked him as the 5th most effective legislator in NC.

Did I further state his replacement will not have the "pull" in Raleigh he has due to the lack of seniority? Yes I did and the same will hold true for all new Senators and Representatives in the next session of the Legislator.

I also called upon all those numerous posters, the ones who posted rumor and innuendo on this site and others, to take what they knew to the SBI when the investigations began.

I also called upon those who opposed him to support his opponents. Work the polls; work the phone lines and hand out literature; donate what they could to his opponent.

He's going to be replaced either by an experienced Representative who's been sitting on the sidelines for a couple of years or by a political newcomer. Whom are you supporting and what are you doing to help that candidate along the way?

How do I know so much about the District you ask? I read the media. I travel through the District on business. If the district you refer to includes Bladen County, I own property in White Lake which is still part of the "district" unless the county lines were redrawn while I was out of state the past few days.

I'll close with one final thought for now. History repeats itself. My guess is you spent more time venting at me then you spent working to unseat either Gore or Soles. It's a lot easier to do that then get out in public and work for the opposition. Isn't it?


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