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Yay! Another money pit!

Passenger rail disappeared for a reason, and we can't ignore the fact that the same reasons still exist. People will ride this thing once or twice as a novelty, but after a few trips they will get right back in their cars and head for I-40 if they need to go to Raleigh. You can drive to Raleigh for less than twenty dollars, set the temperature where you want it, listen to the music you want to hear, and stop at Warsaw for an Egg McMuffin if you choose to. Plus, YOU decide when you'll come and go. You set your own schedule.

Amtrak has been a bottomless well of red-ink since day one, and this will be no different; if you set the fares high enough to be self-supporting, people won't ever ride it.

Why don't we try to cut spending and get out of the fiscal nightmare we're in now, rather than look for ways to go even deeper in debt?


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