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I agree that the system is broken. For example:
1. At least 5 police officers were "clustering" between Front and Water on Princess Street, Sunday, during River Fest. We did not see one single police officer in the crowd on Water Street or Front Street; however, we did see two EMTs, in official dress, monitoring the crowd. An ambulance and fire truck were present.
2. When the police were on duty, during "peak hours" and "policing" I witnessed a police officer break the arm of an elderly, disabled woman. I am not sure why -- other than a bouncer asked that she and her service dog leave. She refused, and appeared to try to explain the American with Disabilities Act (, if you are interested. I was. Following, the very angry "bouncer" summoned 3 police officers that were together, less than 5 walking minutes away.
3. During the arrest, a police officer grabbed her arm, she immediately cried out in pain, "You have broken my arm," and in what looked like a panic "flight or fight" moment, the two other officers grabbed her other arm and leg. Oddly enough, none of the 7 cameras, within view, recorded the event or they have been conveniently erased. They cameras are owned and operated by the police, for the police. This is a case of follow the money.
4. Bottom line, "Who polices the police?" OR "How was the city, state, and federal money used to keep our coastline safe?" My guess is: nobody; and obviously not for training, respectively.


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