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I am very closely related to

I am very closely related to the victim and I am appauled at the way he was treated and the people that supported this disgusting criminal and continue to support him to this day. He didn't even get arrested but "Mattew" did WHAT. How is he going to be the head deacon of Natmore Baptist Church, a parent, a christian, and an active member of the community who has a great role in Kelly and is surrounded daily by many innocent teenagers and children boys and girls. And there are still some people in the church supporting him and backing him up to this day I do not know or understand why. These members of the law gave an oath to protect and serve but they arrest the victim what is wrong with these people's brains. Even the Southern Baptist association said to let this happen one more time before they kick him out of the church. The members of the church that wanted him out and away from their kids contacted the southern baptist association and that is what they said. What is this world coming to that a grown man can molest no rape an innocent and scared teenager and get away with it like nothing ever happened. What if it happens to someone even younger or what if it was your child how would you feel. After you trusted this person with your child him being in such a high position and what if he did this to a member of your family what would it make you think and feel. All these things anger me greatly and I am so glad that "Matthew" came foward it took a lot of guts and we are now trying to inform as many people as possible what kind provacative, proverse, and sadistic kind of man Jerry Wayne Squires is and I say this to everyone that is supporting "Matthew" I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart and I know how hard this is and was for him and he is very appreciative to you all and to the one person we could not have done this without Ann Mcadams I have personally spoke with her and I know she is doing everything in her power to try and see that justice is served and for that we are eternally grateful.


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