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I can't even begin to say

I can't even begin to say how angry I am at the way this has been mishandled. Det(and I use the word loosely)Lutz really isnt one to determine what a threat is, now is she? Someone needs to have a shovel(?) to threaten a minor...really, REALLY??? Are you kidding? Hmmmm, what if the perp(or perv) had a spoon...does that constitute a weapon?What size spoon, would it need to be? Or maybe a fork can SHE determine if that is threatening enough? This poor CHILD is the victim of a crime and she says that since there weapon involved that makes it consentual? So, if someone were to put their hands around HER neck and choke her, it would be considered consentual, unless they also had a hmmm,say, shovel? I think that Det Lutz and the rest of the BC Sheriff's Dept need to head back up to BCC and take a refresher course.

Ann McAdams...thanks for bringing this to light. I live in Kelly and wondered what happened to this was talk and then suddenly, no one knew anything. I know the creepy child molestor Jerry Squires, and can only hope that thru your stories, he will be brought to some sort of justice. This whole thing SMELLS and needs to be investigated! Thanks again!!


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